Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hola Little Lady and Dora!

A few weeks ago, Agirl and I were invited to check out the new Dora and Diego- Let's Explore! exhibit at the Discovery Science Center. 

The invite was for a little earlier in the morning than we are usually up and looking cute, so my husband helped her get ready while I spent way too much time blow-drying my hair.  When I came downstairs, instead of my little toddler there was a bonafide little girl standing by the door, anxious smile, asking, "Mommy, are you FINALLY ready?!?"

We arrived at the Discovery Science Center and were greeted with a goody bag and a plush Dora before plunging into the exhibit.  Agirl was beside herself to take pictures with the plastic versions of Dora and Diego at the front.
Imagine the excitement when the real Dora arrived, and greeted Agirl with the biggest hug I've ever seen a character muster.
She flitted from spot to spot, climbing monkey bars and a rock wall, sliding over and over again, placing stars into constellations and watching them light up- every activity was interactive. 
I really liked the signs for parents encouraging teaching kids the Spanish words.  Very Dora Spanglish hip!
Dora and Diego- Let's Explore! is a great exhibit, full of fun features perfect for kids as young as three.  If your little ones love Dora as much as Agirl does, it's like walking around inside a museum of the best Dora episodes and getting to play in each one.

Dora and Diego are hanging out at the Discovery Science Center until May 6, 2012, and the exhibit is included in regular DSC admission.  I would absolutely and highly recommend it for a fun morning with your pre-school aged kids.

I forget how important it is to spend one-on-one time with Agirl, how fast she's growing up, and how much she loves Dora.  Thanks DSC for a great reminder!

Ironically, here's one of my favorite past blog posts- 10 Lessons I've Learned from Dora.  Oh, Dora.  We amor you.