Friday, January 13, 2012

3 Going on 13

This is real.

A real, honest-to-goodness conversation held by 3 (THREE) year old Agirl with her 13 year old cousin.

Agirl: Lolo, can I play with your iPod Toucher?

Lolo: No, sorry.  Your mom said no iPods in the car. (I know, meanest mom ever.)

Agirl: Well, sometimes I don't tell my mom things.

Lolo: You should tell your mom everything.

Agirl: Well, sometimes my mom talks to me and I just don't say anything.


So, yeah.  We're locking her up and throwing away the key.  This one is going to be TROUBLE!!!

Then I remember that this is the same girl who has spent every moment we've been together over the last two weeks sitting as close to my lap as possible.  The same girl who calls cars that are parked on the street "frozen."  The same girl who is terrified of the water going down the drain at the end of her bath and loves to give cheek kisses.
This girl.

My girl.  My absolute favorite girl in the entire world.
I'm praying that by the time she's 13, she'll be as fiercely independent as she is now, with a few less secrets.


Kristyn said...

I love that story! And she is the cutest thing ever.

kristenplumb said...

super cute agirl!