Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Wrap Up 2011

Warning: obligatory post-Halloween post.  Not funny or witty :)

Agirl was one of the only girls we saw out trick-or-treating that wasn't a princess or something else pinkified.  She had a choice between the pirate costume or a witch dress with sparkly sleeves and a matching hat.  Both costumes were adorable, and both were borrowed from our next door neighbor (thanks Lisa!  best neighbor ever!)

Here's what I didn't realize- as your kids get older, Halloween gets longer.  I don't just mean the amount of houses they can hit in one night, I mean the amount of time before the holiday that you spend prepping and celebrating.  Maybe its just another one of those magical things that you have no concept of as a kid- like that dishes have to be washed and clothes don't just clean themselves.

Agirl went trick-or-treating no less than 3 times. 

#1- Mid-October at Disneyland for Mickey's Halloween Party.  It was SUPER fun, and I would totally go back.  Characters galore, not too long of lines, a fun parade and good fireworks, plus candy for kids AND adults.  Nick was salivating all night.  We went with my sisters, Jeremy and Derek and had themed costumes- ANGRY BIRDS!  Agirl was our little piggy.

#2- Trunk-or-Treat with Lisa.  No pictures (I'm such a bad mom) but very fun.  They decorated the back of their car with an Angry Birds theme, complete with painted pumpkins and boxes, plus spider webs and a strobe light.

#3- Actual Halloween.  We went around my mom's neighborhood- five adults and one baby watching one three-year-old walk up to stranger's doors, ask for candy, and say thank you as she was running off to the next house.  Who came up with this holiday anyway?
And now, it's on to the actual holidays.  You know, the ones with meaning.
Wanted to share this with you... despite my love for Christmas, I love this.


kristenplumb said...

love the pirate outfit. And the angry birds -- so creative.