Saturday, September 3, 2011

I feel like a Burgler

The glow from the keyboard is the only thing lighting the keys enough so I can type. 

It's almost 1am. 

I snuck downstairs by the light of my cell phone to get the computer and bring it back to our room because our router is broken and the only cable to physically plug into the laptop is in the corner of our bedroom. 

I'm tapping each key one at a time, ever so gently as to not wake the two men sleeping (one is Ryguy- did I throw you off with that one? :) 

I'm sitting on the floor, the laptop is resting on top of a basket of unfolded but clean laundry, and to get the mouse to move I have to roll it on top of my thigh.

This is the glamarous life.

Good enough excuse for not posting?  Or at least posting with no pictures?

Promise to get back to it. 

After I put away this laundry.


Mrs. Case said...

glad i am not the only one with a baby sleeping in my room. my pediatrician wants him OUT and in his own crib but i feel he is still too young. :)

The Trotter Family said...

Crazy lady! Ha ha. We miss you guys around here. B keeps patting the seat next to her and saying that Abby will sit here. I think we need to get together soon!