Friday, April 16, 2010

10 Lessons from Dora

Hola!  Soy Carrie!
The A-girl's into watching Dora, and though 
she's still not grasping a lot of it, I'm learning A LOT.
1. Spanglish is fun, and doesn't have to be racist or inappropriate.
2. I should always have a talking monkey with me. Best personal assistant ever.
3. Everything should be said loud- really loud.
4. When you ask someone a question, wait for the answer.  Even if it requires awkward silence.  Sometimes, waiting in awkward silence makes people confess ridiculous things.  Seriously.
5. Breaking out into song at random is awesome.
6. Always carry a backpack.  And a talking map.  You never know when you'll need either.
7. Dora has no parental supervision, and she's turning out okay.
8. Knowing your colors solves every problem.
9. When there are two paths to choose from in life, a huge mouse cursor should come and click the correct one.  That would cut down on a lot of life issues.
10. No swiping.  If it's not yours, don't take it.  This includes boats, cookies, rainbows, and anything else that Swiper the Sneaky Fox may want.
Okay, I've learned 11 things.
11. There are no stupid questions.  Especially if the answer is totally obvious and sitting right next to you and you just want to yell at the TV, "IT'S RIGHT THERE, DORA!  JUST TURN AROUND!  UGH!"
Now you know.  And knowing is half the battle.
And if you've never watched THIS video, it's a must.  (This link is not the best quality, but they took the original off YouTube. It's still a classic.)


The Bradys said...

hahahahahahah im seriously dying, thank you for that!

Cheryl said...

Hysterical! I have to say I try to avoid Dora at all costs. I just can't take that voice! And you're right - it's so LOUD! I also would like a computer mouse to click on the right choices for me. That would be awesome! I admit to not being able to leave home without my talking map (aka GPS) since I can get lost backing out of my driveway.

Suz Broughton said...

#4 is my favorite