Monday, December 29, 2008

Santa's email address according to the Muppets. Gotta love the Muppets!
Welcome to our LONG Christmas 2008 update. It was a month long wild adventure full of fun, gingerbread, and presents for the A-girl's first Christmas Extraveganza. Yours to enjoy the pictorial feature below...

We tried to send the A-girl through the mail to the North Pole, but she didn't quite fit.

A-girl with Santa, who I think is secretly Henry Winkler!

She was so pooped out with seeing Santa, that she fell asleep in the car on the way home clutching a water bottle.

My gingerbread house, which collapsed and became condemned.
Our village, including Hollis' impressive ski chalet.

With my siblings at GJ's ceebrating early
A-girl's first Christmas PJ's. We open PJ's Christmas Eve and attempt to stay in them all day on Christmas. This year was a success!
A-girl's hat from Grandma Braun. She's not sure about it, but we thought it was great.
In all, it was a fantabulous Christmas. With so many family members so close to us, we were barely home for two days straight. We did manage to sneak back to open our family presents and stockings. Santa left me a dozen 100 calorie packs and lip gloss in my stocking. What a guy! And Nick gave me a beautiful silver "A" necklace, which I love.
Hope you and yours had a fantastic Christmas. Here's to a Happy New Year!


Kristyn said...

Doesn't having a kid make Christmas so much better? Wait till you can see their expresison as they open their gifts! It's awesome! Your little A-girl is jsut so cute and I lvo the picture of her sleeping clutching the bottle. And I also love Nick's face in the family photo. It's hard with so many people sometimes! And I have to say I laughed when I read your comment on my blog - yes! I am kind of sad they moved Santa from the 4 corners. It's just not the same. Although there were way more phot-ops with the extra scenery around!

Russ and Debbie said...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! The pictures are adorable! Now I know what everyone was talking about with all of the gingerbread houses! Cute!!! I like the condemned sign.... gotta love it!