Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's a...

GIRL!!! AHHH!!! We're shocked and excited.

Most importantly, she's healthy. The ultrasound went great- the tech was able to get all of the measurements she needed and said that our baby girl looks wonderful. What a weird moment... I was lying on the table with goop all over my tummy and this stick being pressed into my stomach and I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She was swimming around and practicing her breathing and looks great. So, yay! (Great prediction Deb!)

I'm starting to feel wonderful- tons more energy and I wake up in the morning and can actually get dressed for work in grown-up clothes! What a miracle! I've been working out (light walking, gym, etc.) and don't feel the insatiable urge to shove any food that's within five feet of me into my mouth. I guess that's why they call this the honeymoon phase of pregnancy! Hope it lasts longer than it's supposed to.

Well, for those of you who didn't come just for baby talk- here are a list of non-baby related things that I'm excited about...
-American Gladiators is back on television, and I mean its back with a vengence. I LOVE the new Gladiators and the contestants are just as cheesy, but without the big 80's/early 90's hair. It's fantastic. Watch it.
-I've been super productive at work and feel like I'm really on top of what's going on
-Nick and I are going to see Corteo this weekend in San Diego for his birthday
-(last but certainly not least) Today is dollar-scoop Tuesday at Baskin Robbins!

Hope you have a wonderful day- thanks for sharing our joy!


Rachel Trotter said...

Wow, I am surprised! You broke the tradition in our group of having a boy first. What's up with that? Just kidding. I'm glad it is all going well and that she is healthy!

Kristyn said...

Congrats! Bonus: the baby girl's sections are always like 10 times bigger than the boys! I'm glad you're feeling great and that it's all going well.

I didn't know Am Gladiators was still on tv. I must be out of it.

CageQueen said...


Congrats! A girl!!

You'll make a great mom to a girl-I know she'll be so smart and so thoughtful, just like her mom!!


Russ&Debbie said...

YEAH!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!! Congratulations! You two are going to make such amazing parents! What a lucky girl! :) Congrats again!

Valerie Page said...

Yay!!! A girl!!!! I am sooo excited for you guys!!! She is going to be so dang cute!!! She and Rachels little girl are going to be trouble!!!!